Wayleaving & Consenting

Our highly knowledgeable Consenting & Wayleaving department consists of industry experts with years of experience complemented by first class design and heritage expertise.


One of the main reasons for the team’s success is the dedicated and expert support from the in-house/resident design engineers, who are there to answer any query or produce a quick re-design where needed. This ensures unrivalled satisfaction among the key parties needed for a complete build.


Our Wayleaving and Consenting department has developed a fool-proof process for both Wayleaving and Consenting which guarantees accurate and secure data pertaining to each premises. The innovative software we use ensures the timely and accurate extraction of vital data, which can be easily shared with the relevant parties. These unique processes are one of the key factors in the department success and in turn the success of any build.


Our design-led thought process coupled with feedback from our surveyors and consenters results in driving down the costs in any project.


Consenting and Wayleaving is key when it comes to executing a design. It affects every party within a project.


For more information on our Wayleaving & Consenting Services please download our Wayleaving & Consenting  PDF or contact us today.

Key Parties Dealt With:
  • Property Management Companies
  • Private Individuals
  • Estate Agents
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Social Housing Organisations
  • Receivers
  • Builders
  • Local Councils
  • Local Resident Groups
  • Heritage Offices
  • Security Companies
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