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Smart data collection and field intelligence key to successful Survey and Design projects

Operators across the globe rely on intelligence garnered from the data that has been captured in the field, to enable and expedite roll out on FTTx projects successfully. To survive, telecoms and utilities companies must manage and sanitise this data with speed, quality and efficiency.

The huge surge in the amount of data collection by 4site’s field teams acting on behalf of service providers, has made it challenging to help operators quickly identify the appropriate information that’s relevant in the field. This data is used as an input to design maps for feeder, distribution routes and most importantly the overall network shape.  It can be both structured and formless, originating from legacy network operators either not having completed the mission correctly when building the original infrastructure or more possibly, not having the tools available to them to complete the job correctly in the first place.

4site has been challenging these modes of operation for several years now, with the development of its new field app ‘4Fibre’ developed in conjunction with strategic partner, ESRI Ireland.

‘Forward-thinking operators are now employing smart data collection using 4sites software and field app. This has been transformative for operators across Ireland and the UK and beyond’, states Ray O’Connor, CCO, 4site.

Extracting and sanitising data that is relevant to the build or refresh of a network (fibre or wireless) in real time, provides operators with a level of intelligence that is needed to help identify issues as and when they happen. When captured these can be instrumental in helping decide whether the network can withstand budgetary constraints and be completed in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

‘Smart data holds the ultimate in currency over all other elements and will enable technologies and standards within future networks’, concludes O’Connor.

In world where all things are IoT, IoE, Driverless cars, Smart cities and all other futuristic destinations we are heading towards, 4site are well positioned to be front and centre of this conversation given our early adoption of this ground-breaking field technology.

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