Small Cells

4site offers a full turnkey service for outdoor small cell urban densification projects from design of the technical solution right through build to handover and network management and maintenance if required.

  • Scope definition and creation of design rules/guidelines
  • Desktop assessment of radio plan and assets
  • Site survey and candidate selection
  • Consultation with local authorities and stakeholders
  • Detailed design and build plan
  • Coordination with utility companies, local councils and Government bodies
  • Logistics, material procurement and project planning
  • Civils, electrical, rigging, testing and commissioning
  • Turnkey project management
  • Quality auditing and final sites acceptance inspection
  • Network monitoring and maintenance

Consultation, engagement and multilateral buy-in is needed to realise the vision of a highly connected, high bandwidth area.


Our experience
  • POC Metrocell site to rapidly increase coverage and capacity for MNO’s and deliver public Wi-Fi access
  • Full turnkey for urban small cell rollout in UK
  • Small cell densification project in London
Small Cell Do’s and Don’t’s

DO…engage early with stakeholders and get planning and permits agreed.
DO…put significant emphasis on design – these are complex projects; high quality design will save headaches further along the project.
DO…be creative! One solution doesn’t suit all and equipment can be designed to be fit for purpose.

DON’T…rely on existing information at planning stage – make sure your data is accurate from the start.
DON’T…underestimate lead-in times for permitting, procurement, access and connections.
DON’T…cut corners with project planning and detailed design: the ultimate aim is to increase service availability and end-user experience cost-effectively.

4site is leveraging our years of experience with mobile infrastructure developments on these projects.

We’re well used to working with operators, equipment manufacturers, local councils, utility companies and all the stakeholders that are necessary for many of these outdoor small cell projects.  It’s what we do.  We’ll take the complexity out of the process and ensure smooth delivery of your high capacity network.

Whether your project is urban, rural, in-building, a stadium or campus, talk to us.  We’ll work with you to make sure your project is a success from start to finish.

Contact us today about your small cells project.

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