Fibre (FTTx) Services

We provide integrated telecommunications solutions and services in both fixed networks (HFC, FTTx, FTTB, FTTH) and wireless networks (2G, 3G, LTE/4G, and now 5G).

Together with our partners , we are combining our extensive local knowledge, experience and expertise to bring a new approach to fibre deployment programmes that delivers timely, cost efficient & successful results.

Turnkey or bespoke FTTx Service

We manage your FTTx roll out from start to finish with a delivery model that has been developed through experience of 2 million homes and businesses passed encompassing the full spectrum of FTTx rollout, from scope definition and High Level Design right through to Network Testing and Certification.

Turnkey Stages

  • Scope Definition – we consider all client challenges and with our particular experience and design led approach, we can assist with establishing the most appropriate Design & Build guidelines for successful project execution.
  • Design  – expertise and best in class tools ensure the right network architecture blueprint, accurate routing, and risks are designed out .   We provide high level design, detailed design and an automated design service for rapid design iterations.
  • Survey – Fibre survey in Ireland and the UK provide accurate technical information critical to the success of the project.
  • Planning – Putting the tools and processes in place, managing wayleaves and permits, identifying construction constraints and risks are key elements of the planning process.
  • Validation – Testing and conducting trials ensure refinement of designs and process.
  • Materials Selection – we take into account quality and ease of deployment as critical components in the selection process.  Provision of accurate BOM for cost certainty.
  • Build Management – we’ll manage and resource the build phase to ensure delivery to design parameters and success metrics.
  • Network Testing, Acceptance and Certification – Handover of best in class network on time and to budget.

Our methodology is design-led placing significant emphasis on engineering design and network planning to reduce cost in the build phase. 

Benefits of our Turnkey Service include

  • More streamlined process with better project management outcomes
  • Optimisation through all stages of the project
  • Better control of costs
  • Greater accountability of all stakeholders
  • Better flexibility and scalability
  • Faster time to market

Innovation through the FTTx process

We have designed and deployed a number of innovative solutions over the last 10 years. On the design end, we work with a wide variety of powerful software tools to maximize efficiency and accuracy in the design process. Our extensive build experience has resulted in a wealth of specialist learnings which have enabled us to realise innovative deployment strategies with bespoke components designed and supplied.

Fibre Optimisation & Route Planning Service

4site provides a comprehensive High Level and Detailed fibre route-planning service utilising the cutting edge optimisation software tools to deliver real cost savings on time and money for all FTTx projects.

We have invested heavily in a variety of powerful software tools which our experienced fibre planners leverage to radically shorten the design process. For more information see our PDF.

Independent FTTx Verification and Optimisation Service

4site will prove validity of existing designs and improve where possible.

We’ll incorporate your technical requirements, existing fixed assets, budget constraints, timelines and map data into our planning methodology and validate your design or suggest changes as appropriate.  We are independent of vendors and operators and can take an objective view of your project.

Call us and discuss how we can effectively support your fibre programme.

FTTx Service Elements
  • High Level Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Survey
  • Accurate BOM
  • Wayleaves and Permitting
  • Build Management
  • Testing and Certification
Download Turnkey Fibre (FTTx) Service PDF Download Fibre Optimisation and Route Planning PDF

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