Facilities Engineering
4site’s Facilities Engineering Service can help you reduce cost and get your facility to optimal performance.

Our facilities engineering service is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, property specialists, designers, health and safety experts, planners, auditors, technicians and more.

Whether your requirements are for structural work – support structures for cable management, air-conditioning, industrial pipework and more – or you need an asset management process, a health and safety audit, or ongoing management and maintenance of your building, we’ll tailor the service to your facility and your requirements.  Our team will resolve issues as they arise and ensure smooth operation of your facility.

A multidisciplinary team to help you manage the lifecycle of your facility.


We have the scope and scale to manage multi-site building portfolios.  Our team of specialists use our proprietary online asset management tool, 4View, to provide up-to-date view of all critical data.  Our BIM experts can develop a shared knowledge resource as a 3D model to bring you a new approach to managing your facilities. And we have a qualified team in place to support all power and energy management and maintenance requirements.

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