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Your business needs EV Destination Chargers

What is a destination charger anyway, and why would your business need one?

How long do you spend in the car?

Did you know that most car journeys are approximately 2km from home? That will get most adults to the supermarket for their weekly groceries, or a nip down to the local shop for their sliced pan and milk. It will cover most school runs or the commute to the local train station.


The next most common journey is within 30km from home. Is that your drive to and from work, to the gym or to meetings?


“Destination” journeys are classed as more than 30km. It could be a trip to the zoo, to hike the mountains or that family visit which never happens often enough.

The most common car journey

Longer distances create Range Anxiety

If you have an EV (Electric Vehicle) or are planning to get one, these longer trips bring with it a sense of range anxiety. Range anxiety is the fear that your car has insufficient range to reach its destination. Scarily this could result in the car’s occupants being stranded.


It may not be a big fear for most diesel and petrol car drivers. After all, we’ve spent decades building petrol stations everywhere in the UK and Ireland.


In contrast, EV owners are continuing to experience this range anxiety because there are not enough destination chargers. And the number of us out there are many and growing fast. (In March 2019 The Irish Independent reported a surge of Electric car sales by 542%)

What charging options are available to EV drivers now?

At home

Drivers can charge to 100% at home, and this can get them anywhere from 150km to 300km depending on the EV they are driving. (There are indeed some cars with a higher range available. But 150km-300km is a good indicator of most cars on the Irish and British roads today).


On public roads

There are plenty of chargers available, such as the ESB ecars in Ireland. On the downside, many of these are old and are in high demand. On a positive, these chargers are being upgraded and more and more are being built across the country.


Private networks and Destination Chargers

Businesses are building their own chargers to satisfy staff and visitors. Workplace chargers are becoming more commonplace, and visitors are demanding more access to destination chargers in tourist attractions.

Should your hotel, business or country council invest in an EV charger?

how many EVs will be on Irish roads

These days if you drive around the supermarkets and train stations, you’re likely to find parking spots designated for Electric Vehicles, often in prime positions. By 2020, there are 20,000 EVs expected to be on Irish roads, all of which will need public or private charging facilities.


Should your hotel offer EV charging for guests?

You know the answer. There is an ever-increasing number of potential guests looking for places to charge up when they park. Whether they are staying overnight, or temporarily for food and drink. If your hotel doesn’t have a destination charger, guests may choose the hotel down the road instead.


An EV charger can bring value to your hotel business either by offering it as a free service or as a revenue earner by charging for the charge! You could bring it a step further by offering it Free Of Charge for loyal customers.


What about having EV chargers for staff?

You don’t have to be a big employer to know that good staff are tricky to attract and retain. It is likely a potential recruit chooses another employer because they can charge their car when they’re in the office all day.

Staff should ask your employer when they plan to build EV chargers. Many are considering it already and need that final “Voice of the Customer” to prioritise the rollouts.


Are County and City Councillors missing out?

If your local attraction has no option to charge an EV, visitors may choose the next top attraction on the TripAdvisor list.  You can offer additional value such as push notifications “charge here and get half-price lunch in the local café”

And now the Climate Action plan means that all councils will be provided with greater capital investment by the end of the year to develop up to 200 on-street chargers for electric vehicles annually.

Building a Destination Charger couldn’t be easier

4charge destination charger

Building an EV charger for your business is easy with 4charge. We design, build and maintain EV charging stations for business across Ireland and the UK in workplaces, public and commercial properties.

We employ some of the best designers and engineers in the UK and Ireland to make things simple.

4charge is part of the 4site Group. Established in 2002, the 4site group currently employs 90 people in our offices in Limerick, Dublin and the UK. 4site already provides innovative engineering solutions for major infrastructural developments in telecommunications, power, renewables and multi-site networks.

And now our highly skilled people are working with Business Owners, Business Parks, Property Developers and County Councils to deliver best in class, scalable car charging facilities.

Don’t miss out

We are at the tipping point where every car owner is thinking about an EV for their next car. Get them thinking about how convenient it will be to visit your business by building a charging station where you are.

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