Data Centre Services

We plan, design, build and maintain mission critical infrastructure every day of the week.  Our highly qualified surveyors and engineers are constantly adapting the latest tools and technology to capitalise and maximise the potential of that infrastructure.

Working closely and in collaboration with our customers to meet challenges of cost, reliability, security and safety has led us to provide some key services for owners and operators of data centres and POP’s.


We’ll develop a shared knowledge resource containing key information about your data centre. Our 3D model will bring you a new approach to managing your complex facility.  Modelling your data centre and RME (Rack Mounted Equipment) into BIM will enable cost-effective real-time lifecycle management of your infrastructure and will help you to maximise the whole-life value of your facility. Rack face layouts can be produced in CAD, PDF, Excel or BIM to suit the needs of the end Client depending on the level of detail required.


4site has a specialised team in-house to support all power and energy management and maintenance requirements for your data centre.  Our highly qualified electrical engineers, design engineers, DC experts and technicians work to approved industry standards.  We will audit power draw on your site, checking AC/DC loads, cooling and all mission critical equipmentwe’ll look at your power consumption (peak and off peak), identify redundancy/surplus equipment, highlight potential issues, make recommendations and carry out remedial works if required.

We use the best tools to carry out inspections including infrared thermal imaging technology, midtronics battery analyser, Fluke Multi-function tester; we’re certified to work on ESB installations and will custom design, test, verify and issue certificates of compliance for your power solution.  Achieve optimal operation of your data centre by getting 4site to design, install and commission the power requirements for your facility.

Facilities Engineering Services

4site can help you reduce cost, get your facility to optimal performance, resolve potential issues quickly and have the technical expertise to hand to ensure smooth operation of your data centre. Our facilities engineering service is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, property specialists, designers,  health and safety experts, planners, auditors and more.

Whether your requirements are for structural work – support structures for cable management, air-conditioning, industrial pipework and more – or you need an asset management process, or a health and safety audit, or ongoing management and maintenance of your centre, we’ll tailor the service to your facility and your requirements.  Why not call us today to discuss your needs and hear what we can do ensure your data centre is always available, safe and secure.

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