Asset Management Services
Our considerable experience in designing and developing communications sites for mobile and other operators makes us a good choice for managing site assets and ensuring you derive maximum return on your investment.

When managing a portfolio or an estate we provide a number of services;  We act as the client’s design authority, policing what equipment goes onto the site, ensuring that it is structurally assessed and validated, and ensuring compliance with standards.  We’ll approve drawings and solutions. We act as an intermediary between the Operator and the Estate Owner.

We can act as PSDP and PSCS as required.  We’ll update the As Built and safety files.  We’ll manage planning retentions on existing sites, and we’ll undertake audits to ensure sites are compliant with the latest safety regulations and ensure proper maintenance of the site.

You’re in safe hands.

We’ve a broad range of experts contributing to our Asset Management services from property specialists, experienced planners, structural and electrical engineers, wireless and fibre design engineers, wayleave and permit specialists and very experienced sales people with deep relationships with multiple service providers nationally and internationally.  We’ve been designing, building and maintaining sites for a long time and are happy to put our expertise at your disposal.


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