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A Day In The Life Of A Consenter – John L McElligott

What is Consenting?

Consent is predominantly sought in city centre locations. In these locations, consent is sought from the homeowner/management company to install cabling/equipment on the facade of premises. For example, this is the final step to ensure any home is fibre ready, on the current SIRO 100% fibre broadband project being rolled out across Ireland. 4site has an experienced consenting team that work all over Ireland, engaging with multiple different parties.

JohnL McEllgott tells us about his day as a consenter.


Mid-morning Start

In general, my day would start at around 11 o’clock, as I don’t want to disturb anyone early in the morning who may be getting children ready for school or themselves for work. Unlike many door-to-door jobs, I’m not trying to sell anything, we are simply trying to ensure that the fibre broadband service is available to as many people as possible.


The Challenge

It can be quite challenging at times, with a lack of knowledge and a reluctance to embrace change two key issues we come up against on a daily basis. Thankfully, I know from my extensive and ongoing training that we are bringing a much-needed product into each town we work in.

It’s my responsibility as a consenter to ensure that each homeowner understands the works we need to conduct and the benefits this service will bring to them as individuals and as a community.


The Unexpected

Once I knock on the door, I never know what’s going to meet me on the other side, it could be a lovely older gentleman who is very amicable and just wants to discuss this year’s football championship or it can be a someone that has no interest in speaking to you and slams the door as fast as they open it.


In the consenting world, you need to be a chameleon and adapt to individual circumstances. Everyone has their own interests or concerns when it comes to doing anything with their property but with our expert knowledge, we can put any homeowners fears at ease.


Obviously like any other job, we have targets and come under pressure to consent a certain number of properties each week. That being said first and foremost on our minds is the homeowner because if they are not satisfied then we have failed in our job. The installation of fibre broadband is for the benefit of homeowners.


The beauty of this job is meeting so many different people every day, which is something I particularly enjoy. The temptation to come in for tea can loom large at times but work has to come first.


The good, the bad and the ugly!

There are good days and bad days, one minute you could get ten consents in a row and be on top of the world but the following day your tears from of lack of consents blend in with the rain pelting down on top of you. The weather conditions have a major impact on our results, with the finer the day, the faster the consents.

In the immediate future, a challenge facing us is the droves of canvassers looking for votes in the upcoming elections. We try to be as accommodating as possible and if I see two canvassers in a row knocking on someone’s door at seven o’clock in the evening, I’m not going to make it a hat-trick.


The Future

I’ve been doing this job for 2 years now, which would make me one of the elder statesmen in the team. I must say having spent the best part of 20 years cooked up in an office every day, this job is a breath of fresh air and one I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future!


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