4charge electric car charger

4site launches 4charge, its latest expansion into EV charging points

A nationwide expansion of EV charging points

4charge is part of the 4site Group. Established in 2002, 4site group currently employs 90 people in our offices in Limerick, Dublin and the UK. 4site provides innovative engineering solutions for major infrastructural developments in telecommunications, power, renewables and multi-site networks.


And now our highly skilled people are working with Business Owners, Business Parks, Property Developers and County Councils to deliver best in class, scalable car charging facilities.


A new day is dawning, and 4charge are leading this change with powerful eco-friendly electric vehicle charging points.


We design, build and maintain EV charging stations for business across Ireland and the UK in workplaces, public and commercial properties.

4charge can help eliminate range anxiety for your customers and employees

In an industry with complex systems, processes and infrastructure, simplicity is crucial. Most importantly in everything we do, we take the time to understand all the elements of a project. That way we can develop the simplest and most effective solutions.


4charge delivers Electric Vehicles charge points

  • Survey and Planning
  • Design and Install
  • Operate and Maintain


To find out how 4charge can build your EV charging points, contact us at sales@4charge.ie or go to 4charge.ie 

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