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Core expertise enables next-gen networks

Core Network Services need the right expertise. The explosion in data is well documented at this stage, but the implications from an engineering and infrastructure perspective are not as well understood. At 4site we’ve made it our business to develop unique skillsets in upgrading core networks that are being asked to meet increasing demands for capacity and performance.

We’ve worked hard to foster a knowledge pool that enables us to work with multiple vendors and deliver complex equipment requirements. A case in point is a project we’re currently rolling out with a major utility company and one of the big network equipment providers.

We’re helping upgrade a nationwide MPLS network, replacing switches and routers at co-location and interconnection points. Moving from site to site, we swap out legacy kit that controls the core network, and set up a simple test configuration before handing it back to the client.


Specialist engineering

The project neatly showcases the scope of our competencies and how we deliver beyond the survey and design skills that established our reputation. We draw on highly specialist engineering skills. In this case, they enabled us to work on active rather than passive networks, which means live services are still being transported as we make the upgrades.

Having worked on live overhead cabling as part of high profile fibre projects in the UK and Ireland, we’re used to challenging projects where there is no room for error.  Naturally, we have all the right accreditations to carry out this kind of work, but just as important is a tried-and-tested engineering expertise. 

Niche skills are one reason why we won the contract. Another is our relentless drive to stay on top of network technology as it evolves – wireless and fibre. We work with all the leading infrastructure vendors and regularly invite them to our Limerick offices to share roadmaps. We bring their new kit into our test lab so our engineers can take it apart, examine the components, and get familiarised with the technology.

Building up a multi-vendor knowledge base has given us the skills and agility to tackle almost any network project. Our focus on fibre optic as well as wireless and more traditional network technologies is also standing us in good stead.  Because we’re connecting fibre into most services at this stage, our broad spectrum of knowledge pays dividends to every client.

Cyclical business

All of this bodes well for 4site’s future – not just in Ireland but increasingly in the UK and Europe. Network operators and their customers all share the same challenges in the face of relentless technological change; they all have the same problems when it comes up upgrading and swapping out infrastructure equipment.

Engineering working on 5G network

By mastering the nuances of next-generation networks, we have found ourselves well positioned to take advantage of new opportunities, at home and abroad. Much of it is engineering work, but because we have added in-house intelligence around design and commissioning we are increasingly involved at the outset of projects.

The other change we can help with is the speed at which upgrades and refreshes occur. The network infrastructure business has always been cyclical, whether it’s the transition from 4G to 5G in wireless or MPLS upgrades and fibre-optic rollouts in the fixed world.  We are experts in all of them.

Looking to future networks and the way they are going, as the demand for data increases, we are confident that we can play a key role in helping our clients provide the core networks they’ll need to transport more and more data to their customers.

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